Gentle Man’s Alphas by A.W. Scott (ePUB)

gentle alphas, allie w scott

Gentle Man’s Alphas (Plentywood Alphas #5) by A.W. Scott – Free eBooks Download


A grumpy, watchful Alpha. The clueless, delicate Omega he’s obsessed with. And the unexpected, doting Alpha who rocks their world. Three is definitely not a crowd where these men are concerned.
Adrian has been fascinated with Vincent ever since he first watched the little Omega talking excitedly about gardening. It was a hit to his system to want someone so bad after he watched love tear apart his life years before. He’s held back from going after the other man for many reasons, but with the arrival of some new help on the farm, he realizes the bubble he’s hiding in is about to burst.
Rupert is frustrated and exhausted when the job he went to interview for in Shelter Falls doesn’t work out. Luckily, a position for an extra set of hands on a farm in a nearby town opens up. Finding the delightful Omega Vincent and the intriguing Alpha Adrian roaming around the land is a bonus that wipes away a bit of his anger. Now he only has to convince them to explore something a bit… out of the box.
Vincent loves his garden and living on Tripp’s land. It gives him a place to call home, and that means more than anyone will ever know. If only he could have a family of his own like Tripp has built with his Alpha, then maybe he’d feel settled. Adrian was once on his list of possible mates, but the Alpha seems uninterested. When Rupert shows up, Vincent wonders if maybe he’ll finally get his happily ever after.
Can Adrian accept Rupert and Vincent’s connection? Will Rupert prove three’s not a crowd? And will innocent, little Vincent be accepting of the attention of two large, demanding Alphas?

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