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genome, emma jaye

Genome (Malthusia #2) by Emma Jaye – Free eBooks Download


I refuse to succumb to the demands of my genes.

Branded as property, the fate of my mate and their unborn babies hangs in the balance. My instincts scream that they are mine, but the cruel realities of our society threaten to tear us apart.
In a race against time, I must gamble everything to safeguard my found family by facing my biological kin.
As lies mount and my primal urges clamor for dominance, I teeter on the precipice of becoming what I despise. Lives hinge on my ability to navigate the treacherous waters of rage and desire where one slip could lose my family to the scientists forever.

Genome is the second book in Malthusia, a gripping dystopian mm series where the solution to overpopulation damns those caught up in the theory.
HFN ending.

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