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gauntlet, elizabeth n harris

Gauntlet (Rage MC: The Prospects #5) by Elizabeth N. Harris – Free eBooks Download


He’d suffered too much at an early age, and it soured him to anything concerning a relationship. He’d learned his lessons the hard way. Money meant more to women than him, and women always had a scheme. Betrayal and bitterness had ruled his life ever since, and even when his brothers claimed a woman, he couldn’t help but remain suspicious. But in time, he’d found a real family, and he was settled and balanced, so why was the woman living opposite his gran bothering him so much?
Sixteen years of happiness, ten years of hell. Nobody understood lies, betrayal and the fact money spoke better than she did. Everyone she loved hated her or wanted her dead, and she’d done nothing wrong. But she’d paid the price for the last ten years. A lucky friendship gives her a chance to right the wrongs and finally get justice. All she had to do was keep her head down. Easy enough… or maybe not.
She stood up for his family and gained his attention. Together they work to find justice, and just when they think it’s all over, that they can live in beauty, an unwelcome blast from the past returns and their lives are shaken. Everything that was hurt and turned bitter rises inside him. Can he move on, or will he lose his future?

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