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gary, misty moore

Gary (Mountain Men of Crystal Mill #4) by Misty Moore – Free eBooks Download


A landscape architect living in the mountain and an extrovert curvy YouTuber he met in the city go from strangers to lovers who find genuine love in Crystal Mill.

Amazed on the day I first saw her – a brunette lady with a melodious voice who wouldn’t stop talking. She approached me for help. Initially, I did not pay attention to her, but after noticing how gorgeous she looked, my mind changed.
I finally decided to pay attention to her jabbering, and that was when I saw her face clearly. She had a perfectly sculptured face, and I became interested in knowing more about her demands. This lady is stunningly magnificent. There is no how I look at her; she is gorgeous.
After knowing her more, I discover her beauty goes beyond her exterior looks. Her beauty shone inside out. With her attractive traits, this woman won my soul, heart, and body.

Decided to take my YouTube channel more seriously, and he was just what I needed to bring my already created content to life.
Ladies love to see a handsome man and seeing him that day, I wanted to feature him on my channel because he was hotcake. He is not the regular type of good-looking man. There was something about him that caught my attention. It’s either those tattoos on his arms or that nice low voice; he had this strong power in his appearance.
I only intend to feature him in just one video on my developing YouTube channel, but my subscribers loved this man; his sense of humor, ability to throw light banters, hotness, and hotness. They begged me to feature him more in my videos, and he brought an indescribable success to my channel.

Committing my heart to something is pretty difficult for me, but this man makes me want to give it a try.

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