Games of Desire for Lady Hellion by Olivia T. Bennet (ePUB)

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Games of Desire for Lady Hellion by Olivia T. Bennet – Free eBooks Download


Tell me all your darkest fantasies…
Lady Diana Allen, daughter of the Earl of Estnell, has spent the better part of her life avoiding her father’s lectures on finding a husband. Determined to live her own life, she resolves to keep her head high and her last name intact. That is until she meets a Duke whose eyes rob her of her will to do anything but love him.

Isaac Campbell is plagued by nightmares of his father’s passing and visions of revenge on the Allens. Starting with the Earl’s daughter. A goal that seems harder by the minute, for his demons fall silent around her and all he can hear is the hum of his desire for her.

But in this sick game of betrayal, there are no winners.
And bad things come in threes. One, Diana’s heart is shattered when she finds out about Isaac’s plan. Two, Isaac is terrified when she goes missing. Three, realization dawns that both have been pawns in a chess game two decades in the making. And they just became expendable…

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