Fury of Fate by Coreene Callahan (ePUB)

fury of fate, coreene callahan

Fury of Fate (“Villains” of the Dragonfury #1) by Coreene Callahan – Free eBooks Download


She’s determined to try something new…Sasha Cooper is a woman on a mission. Determined to let loose and live a little, she takes her best friend’s advice and embarks on a night of passion with a complete stranger. No regrets in the morning. No looking back either. But when the one she chooses turns out to be a Dragonkind warrior, Sasha knows she’s in trouble—and that the man she believed was a dream come true could end up being her worst nightmare.

He never intended to get involved…Ivar, leader of a rogue faction of Dragonkind, isn’t a pushover. So when a noisy neighbor jeopardizes the security of his secret lair, he decides to take care of the problem once and for all. Little does he know banging on Sasha’s door will send him on a passionate odyssey unlike any he’s ever experienced. But when the night takes a deadly turn, he’s left little choice—escape from the woman who possesses the power to kill him, or die trying.hland DragonFury of ShadowsFury of DenialFury of PersuasionWarriors of the Realm Series:Warrior’s RevengeCoreene loves to hear from readers!

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