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fury, ronie kendig

Fury (A Breed Apart: Legacy #4) by Ronie Kendig, Steffani Webb – Free eBooks Download


Amidst the glittering heat of Abu Dhabi, Hollyn Reinhardt’s world shatters in one tragic night. Once a child prodigy, now a leading AI scientist, she’s left reeling from her parents’ sudden death—and the haunting suspicion that it was no accident. Vulnerable yet defiant, Hollyn must protect her life’s work from unseen enemies.
Enter Davis Ledger: former Green Beret, owner of a keen-nosed military working dog named Fury, and the slightly older man whose rugged charm once captured Hollyn’s young heart. Medically discharged and disillusioned, he’s ready for peace in the US, but walks back into the line of fire when he discovers his friends have been murdered and that their daughter Hollyn—now all grown up—needs his help.
Following an attempt on her life, Hollyn realizes the USB containing her code has been stolen. Code that, in the wrong hands, could kill thousands. But Davis’s sable German shepherd, who has been specially trained to sniff out electronics, is the perfect dog to ensure this doesn’t end in disaster. They have no choice but to join up with a black ops group to protect Hollyn and hunt down the tech.
As they’re pursued by killers, Hollyn struggles to douse her reigniting crush, while Davis finds it harder and harder to deny his feelings and stay mission-focused. With the clock ticking down to an unthinkable catastrophe, Hollyn and Davis face the ultimate test. Can they thwart the threat and reclaim the code, or will their second chance at love end in heartbreak—or worse…disaster?

A masterful blend of breathless suspense and heart-stopping romance, this tale of danger, devotion, and rekindled love will have you at the edge of your seat.

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