Fully Severed by D.E. Chapman (ePUB)

fully severed, de chapman

Fully Severed (Rendered #2) by D.E. Chapman – Free eBooks Download


Losing my mother and my three fathers broke something inside me and I don’t think that hole will ever be fixed. Watching them all wither away was the worst misery I’ve ever had to face. The very idea of staying home and facing my loss is enough to undo me completely.
So instead, it’s time for me to leave home, leave what remains of my family and venture out into the unknown. I’m terrified of what I’ll see out there but I’m a beta female, no interest to anyone, let alone alphas and their penchant for biting. I’m as safe as I can be all things considered and my journey isn’t far.
What I see outside my family’s cabin isn’t as scary as I envisioned it’d be. I make it to the nearest town easily enough and manage to find myself a little job that pays me room and board.
It’s there I meet them. It’s there my life changes unexpectedly.
Turns out I’m not a beta after all and I’m surrounded by hungry alphas salivating for their own omega to claim.

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