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Fudge & Felonies (Frosted Misfortunes Mysteries #2) by Lisa Siefert – Free eBooks Download


Hi. I’m Ava Decker and I own Frosted, the only stuffed cupcake bakery in all of Blueberry Bay. After being ghosted at the altar, I moved back home to Clover Creek, quit my boring accounting job, and turned my passion for pastries into a new career crafting the best sweet treats in the area.
I’m also a kitty mom to an adorable ruddy Abyssinian cat, Lucky, who was raised by dogs and now believes he is one.
Fetch? Check.
Tricks for treats? Check.
Rolling over? Check.
Coming back when called? Not so much.
Now, my ex, who left me with a huge wedding debt, is in town and I want less than nothing to do with him. Sure, he did save me from a big lawsuit by making an anonymous donation to the Swiss Boarding School that wanted to sue me.
Long story short, it involved an unscrupulous killer, a lawyer that was in love with him, a falsified will, and . . .
Yeah, it’s complicated. And honestly, as far as my ex is concerned, it’s too little, too late. I’m moving on. Getting closure is so overrated.
And oh, by the way, I’ve somehow managed to stumble upon another dead body and this one is also surrounded by cupcakes.
Why me?!

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