Frost Bitten by Natasha Pierce (ePUB)

frost bitten, natasha pierce

Frost Bitten (Scandalous Slopes #2) by Natasha Pierce – Free eBooks Download


I thought I’d escaped my past, but it has returned with a vicious bite.
My whole world is crashing down around me like an avalanche.
My past is nothing like I always believed, and the recent revelations are making me question everything. Those who I’d begun to trust abandoned me when I needed them. Fear, shame and nightmares rule my life, and if it wasn’t for my one close friend, I’d be completely alone. This is something I must face on my own, though. I can’t bring this burden down on my family. There is no way I’m going to let them feel responsible for my life spiraling out of control. I battle to fix it daily, and I’m finding the more happiness I find, the drop afterwards is worse.
On Halloween, I learned nightmares were real, and that I was in my own personal hell. Those I’d grown close to, those I’d let in and began to trust showed me it was nothing but a lie. I meant nothing, and that will never happen again.
I will not allow them to throw me away and pick me back up whenever they want. They broke me, shattering me completely. Now it’s up to me to put myself back together again, piece by piece.
I will fight for myself, prove just how strong I am. I will get my revenge and fight the monsters that threaten my family and I. It snuck into my life like Jack Frost, an icy chill in the night.
Will I be able to fight off the frost bite?

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