Front Row Fling by Piper Cook (ePUB)

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Front Row Fling (Rock ‘n Roll #3) by Piper Cook – Free eBooks Download


Thirty-six hours. Two consenting adults. She knows the rules. Get in. Get out. Have a little fun. But he’s not playing games.

I’ve searched for Mr. Right, but dated Mr. Wrong my entire life.
But I’m content and happy with the life I’ve created for myself, with or without a man.
When I score a front row ticket to my favorite band and a fight breaks out, I find myself in the arms of a man too tempting to resist.
Cole can charm the panties off any woman he wants, but do I want to be just any woman?
Can I risk trusting a man with his reputation or will I be left with a broken heart?

I’m used to getting what I want where women are concerned.
I’ve got thirty-six hours of free time after the show and my eye is on the saucy siren in the front row.
But she changes my tune when she turns me down and now, I’m more curious about her than ever.
Mya is a fiery red-head with ringlet curls, hourglass figure and a sassy mouth that has me twisted in knots.
Will she trust me enough to show her I want more than her body? I want her heart and soul, too.

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