From Darkness and Magic by B.A. Stretke (ePUB)

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From Darkness and Magic (Vampires of Blood and Bones #8) by B.A. Stretke – Free eBooks Download


Quincy York is a coven guard and soldier. He’s devoted to his coven and his Master Louis DuCane. He’s young for a vampire, just over a century old, but he has already made a name for himself and can see a promotion in the offing. He’s been assigned to work security for the summit between Master DuCane and two elders of the Hellhound pack. This is a very important and delicate diplomatic mission, and Quincy knows that if he distinguishes himself, good things will come his way. That all changes when a small scuffle breaks out in a palace corridor, and Quincy finds himself face to face with one of the fearsome Hellhounds, and then summarily dismissed. No reason is given; he’s just been removed from their detail. Quincy finds himself demoted to a routine murder investigation in town. Busy work until the hellhounds are gone. Humiliated.

Fox Wilder and Mateo Lahara are elders of the Hellhound Pack, serving their Bard and their community. They are fearsome and devastating warriors, possessing a potent blend of strength, skill, and magic. They are a mated pair and have been together for over a century. They are here in Mt. Pleasant to strike a deal with Master Louis DuCane, peace and cooperation between the vampire and the hellhound worlds. What they didn’t expect is to find their third mate among Louis’ coven guards. They didn’t expect their third to be a vampire. Mateo doesn’t care, but Fox holds deep prejudices that cause him to act rashly and cost them dearly. Can the pain of a disastrous first impression be fixed? Can they convince Quincy that they mean it when they say forever? Can Fox come to terms with his past and allow them all the future they deserve?

Other mysteries are lurking around Mt. Pleasant, and something dark and noxious is in the air. Fox, Mateo, and Quincy need to defeat it all if they stand a chance at forever.

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