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From Bad to Cursed by Avery Kane – Free eBooks Download


Rowan Shaw thought she had life figured out until her mother died and dropped an unfortunate truth on her: the women in the Shaw family are cursed when it comes to love.
Rowan didn’t believe the story until her dating life imploded in fantastic fashion. Seriously, who knew the cops were after so many random guys in Massachusetts? Now she’s off to New Orleans to end the curse…even though part of her is convinced it can’t possibly be real.
Jasper Bentley works hard and plays even harder. He knows everybody in New Orleans and is beloved for his charm. He’s the best friend you will ever have. He’s just not boyfriend material. Despite that, when Rowan gets a job working for his friend Toni, he’s intrigued enough by the curse to offer his help in finding someone who can solve her problem.
Rowan isn’t looking for a relationship.
Jasper can’t commit.
They’re a match made in Hell.
So why can’t they stay away from one another?
Growing up isn’t easy. Figuring out the future is even harder. What happens when two people who are failing at love find out they might be able to make it work together?
New Orleans was supposed to be a temporary stop for Rowan. However, this “curse” might just change things—for both of them—forever.

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