Frightened Mate by Serena Simpson (ePUB)

frightened mate, serena simpson

Frightened Mate (Need A Mate #3) by Serena Simpson – Free eBooks Download


Lux walked into the wrong house at the wrong time, drawing the attention of a man who scared her down to her socks. Ever since then, she’s been on the run. One wrong move and she knows her life is forfeit.
Although it didn’t make any sense, she took the advice of a friend calling the number on a flyer that promised her the perfect mate. If he knew how to get rid of her stalker, he’d do. No one was perfect.
Akel never expected to wake up from stasis. To not only wake up but to be told he had a mate was something he would move or destroy Heaven and Earth to have.
When they told him his mate was being stalked and by who, he was ready to protect her. Then he found out that the tracker, his personal nemesis, was close to destroying the Earth. He realized he might have to move Heaven and Earth to save his mate.

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