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Friggin’ Candy (I Love Candy #3) by Maddison Cole – Free eBooks Download


So freaking sweet, I’ll give you diabetes.

On the road. On the run. Back to life exactly the way I like it. We may have a few tag-alongs, but for Angus and I, it’s just like old times. For the most part anyway – as long as I can keep the strange sinking feeling threatening to drag me under at bay. I used to know exactly who I was, what I stood for. Yet a recent betrayal has forced me to question everything.
The Monarchs told me their pretty lies and tricked me with their gorgeous bodies. They took the trust I wasn’t willing to give and shattered it into pieces. I made a vow once to teach these bullies a lesson, but instead it’s me who has learnt the hard way deceit can’t be washed away with merely a stick of gum. It’ll take a deep-rooted thirst for vengeance and sweet justice from the Candy Crusher to right the wrongs dealt onto me. But that’s not up to me to pursue. If the Monarchs want me, they’ll have to catch me, and then I’ll make them sorry they ever did.

Trigger Warning: This is book three of the I Love Candy series, featuring a feisty female lead. Candy is spontaneous, impulsive and reckless, which makes this book inappropriate for under 18’s. She gives as good as she gets, causing chaos and leaves you wondering who is bullying who! Expect excessive amounts of steam, violence and cursing throughout. This book concludes the RH trilogy with a HEA! Finally!

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