Frequency of Attraction by Eve Kasey (ePUB)

frequency of attraction, eve kasey

Frequency of Attraction (All In #3) by Eve Kasey – Free eBooks Download


“Devour me like a black hole swallows light.”

At OrbitAll and their parent company, The Geier Group, every problem is Quinn’s problem. She’s the head of public relations. Quinn knows every brand and every Geier family secret. But she’s got a secret of her own: she’s never had an orgasm. It’s an issue that Vadim, the insanely hot new astronaut, has oh-so-casually offered to help her with.
Tattooed literally head to toe and the size of a mountain, Vadim is so not her type. Quinn doesn’t have a type. She’s in committed relationships with product launches and press releases. She’s only slept in her own house once. But her body goes haywire whenever Vadim is near, so she accepts. It’s not like she’ll fall for him. That would be a PR nightmare.

It’s strictly business.

When Vadim arrives at OrbitAll, he’s only thinking about one thing: himself, in space. Finally. He’s tired of being a failed astronaut. But then the curvy Geier princess tells him her secret. Since Vadim can navigate a woman’s body as easily as he navigates the sky, he knows he can fix Quinn’s little problem. What’s the harm in putting all his skills to use? Quinn won’t be any different than the dozens of women who have come—and gone—before.
For both of them, it’s just sex. Until it’s more.

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