Freed By the Beast by Rebecca Howard (ePUB)

freed, rebecca howard

Freed by the Beast (A Dark Mafia Romance #4) by Rebecca Howard – Free eBooks Download


The Outfit is on the brink of war, and I’m the last man standing. The enforcer. The beast.
But one look in her big brown eyes and I’m a kid again.
And that could get us both killed.
I’m as big as your worst nightmare, and I know how to hurt people. A literal giant in the underworld where I live.
What I lack in brains, I make up for in brawn, and mercy isn’t my strong suit.
So when I come across a couple of goons trying to hurt a young lady, I don’t pull my punches.
Turns out, neither does she. A doe-eyed Russian dancer who’s half my size, she puts my heart in a hammerlock and I can’t escape.
But love has no place in war. We can’t be together, and we both know it. Alliances are being forged, enemies have become friends and vice versa. The sands are constantly shifting, and I don’t know who to trust.
So why do we steal away into dark corners together every chance we get?
Turns out, my tiny dancer is the one I trust least of all. And that hurts.
But I have to keep her safe. I don’t have a choice.
She’s the key to ending this war, and to gaining the freedom that will keep us both alive.
And when the dust settles, the Outfit will never be the same again.

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