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Free to Wish (Amaryllis #8) by Tracey Jerald – Free eBooks Download


Wish upon the right star

Known as the face for Amaryllis Events, Jenna Madison is a familiar sight on social media platforms around the globe. Even before she met her soon-to-be stepmother—renowned fashion designer, Emily Freeman—Jenna made a pact with herself to make a difference in the world of fashion. She didn’t realize how much she’d have to endure along the way to achieve success.
In the five years since Jenna graduated college, she still can’t forget the last day of her international marketing class. After all, despite the spark that arced between them, Professor Finn O’Roarke pushed her away after he finished ravishing her body.
And her heart.
Finn has spent the last five years mourning the loss of Jenna from his life. When granted his wish to speak with Jenna, he doesn’t know how to convince her of his intentions. He has one chance to repair the damage he’s wrought.
As for Jenna, can she relinquish the past? Or will she be left forever wishing for love based on respect, trust, and faith?

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