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Frayed Rope (The Ugly Roses #1) by Harlow Stone – Free eBooks Download


Ryder Callaghan didn’t know a damn thing about the moody woman who moved in next door. But his military instincts told him she was in trouble.
The deep kind that gets you six feet under.
Elle was running from someone; and come hell or high-water Ryder was going to figure out exactly who and why.
She was stubborn and beautiful, and he would use every Callaghan Security employee to find answers to questions she flat out refused to answer:
Why she slept with a gun under her pillow.
Why she dressed like she was on her way to a funeral in winter.
Why she had more scars than men he’d fought with in Iraq.
Ryder knew women. They came freely and easily for him. Yet the one woman he wants –for more than one night– doesn’t want anything to do with him.
How do you save a woman who won’t let you in?
What if she doesn’t want to be saved at all?

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