Four Weddings and An Alien by Fiona Roarke (ePUB)

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Four Weddings and An Alien (Alienn, Arkansas #5) by Fiona Roarke – Free eBooks Download


Exiled society princess Francine Hayward Duvall has learned to stand on her own two feet in the Alpha colony hiding in plain sight in Alienn, Arkansas. It helps that the residents don’t give a hoot about who she used to be, only who she is. She’s a hard-working supermarket clerk who takes pride in earning her way. There’s really only one thing missing from her new life.
Ichor-Delta bounty hunter Luther Raphael Boudreaux left his family and all the royal trappings behind long ago and is fully aware that there’s no place for a woman in the nomadic lifestyle of his chosen career. He never expected his heart to be captured by a certain sweet redhead with nothing more than a look.
When Raphael offers to help Francine attend her sister’s wedding on Ichor-Delta, by posing as her fiancé, she jumps at the chance. In return, she’ll give the charming bounty hunter the cover he needs to help a friend in trouble. And if she can indulge in a little romance—or more—so much the better.
Francine might think he’s doing her a favor, but as far as Raphael is concerned, she is the one for him. He’ll go to any lengths to convince her that their adventure doesn’t have to end.
It’s only the beginning.

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