Found By The Alien Pirate by Lindsey Devin (ePUB)

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Found By The Alien Pirate (Lost In The Stars #3) by Lindsey Devin – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been abducted by an alien pirate king…
I’ve paid the cost for returning to Earth: my memories. But before I can be put on a ship and sent home, a hulking alien intercepts me. There’s something about Lehrit that makes me want to trust him. But I must have allowed my mind to be wiped for a reason. He’s hiding something from me, but as I fall hard for the pirate king my heart isn’t sure it wants the truth.
I’ll make the human woman my queen …
Gia is the only woman who has ever made me want a fated mate. When I discover she’s bound for Earth with a wiped memory, I know I should tell the truth about our shared past. But this is an opportunity I never imagined: the chance to woo her without all the baggage that comes from my history. She loved me once before. I can make her love me again.
But will she truly want to be my queen when she discovers my lie?

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