Formula for Love by Amelia Simone (ePUB)

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Formula for Love (Excelling @ Love, #1) by Amelia Simone – Free eBooks Download


Can the Excel junkie and his new bestie with benefits design a lasting relationship given the right variables, or is their formula for love riddled with miscalculation?
Rita Ryan:
What happens when the World’s Hottest Nerd asks you for an extrovert adoption? You friend him, of course. Swapping favors lets you ask him to review your resume and helps you land the interview of your dreams. Maybe you exchange hopes…future plans…kisses. But you definitely don’t give Ed your heart. After all, love was never in the plan.
Ed Delancey:
How do you handle it when your scheme to make new friends lands you with the woman of your dreams? You hang on and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts. The saucy grad student may know how to push your buttons, reveling in bringing you to the brink, but her job search makes her strictly off-limits. Hiring her is out of the question. Ditto, giving her your love.

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