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Forgetting Captain Wentworth (Austen Gone Spicy) by Ava Munroe – Free eBooks Download


TV says that in your thirties, you’re supposed to have a husband, a baby, or your life together. Instead, I’ve got a favorite pair of sweatpants, a memorization of Taylor Swift’s complete works, and an enduring flame for the guy who got away.
The guy who is now renting out the house next door.
A lot can change in seven years, including some things that drove us apart the first time around.
Derrick has a nest egg, while my family suddenly finds itself scrambling for cash.
He’s aged like a fine wine, while I’m stuck drinking cheap red to get through the angst.
He’s now an esteemed naval captain, while I’m tortured wondering if the guy who gives the orders on the submarine still likes to take them in the bedroom…
But after all these years and changes, some things remain the same. Derrick is determined to stay unforgiving, and I won’t come groveling when I know he has every right to hate me.
We loved each other once, but that was a lifetime ago. My heart has already been broken. I can’t afford to have it decimated.

Please note: this ain’t yo mama’s Persuasion. Forgetting Captain Wentworth is intended to be enjoyed by BOTH Austen lovers and newbies alike—no SparkNotes needed. It is a STANDALONE romance that includes open door romantic scenes coming in at about 3-4 chilies of heat. Happily ever after is guaranteed, cheating is banished, and swoons are promised. If this sounds like your cup of tea, enjoy!

Content warning: mild BDSM, death of partner, death of parent

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