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forever winter, kelsey elizabeth wood

Forever Winter by Kelsey Elizabeth Wood – Free eBooks Download


James is… James. My James.
Stormy, melancholic, passionate, obsessive. The mind of an artist. Always dark. Always restless. A mix of rain and sleet and snow. An endless winter.

Sometimes I forget what it’s like with him, how the world can feel like this uninspiring mess of beiges and greys, and then he storms in and suddenly the world is screaming in colour.
But when he leaves—and he always leaves—my world becomes a colourless canvas of cold, black paint that covers up all my light. And he’s the one with the goddamn paintbrush.
Kate. Kate, Kate, Kate.
My summer sun to the cold, dark, infinite storm that always seems to be tearing up my mind. She’s warm and safe and makes me see. Kate is all colour. Shades of yellow and orange and purple and pink. She’s light. She’s my inspiration, my muse.
But I screwed up. I didn’t see what I was doing, what I would miss when I finally let her go.
Sixteen months ago, Kate kicked me out of her life, but I’m not leaving this town without her, and there’s no way in hell I’m letting her marry someone else.

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