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forever to ruin, maia aaron

Forever to Ruin (Roommate for Roommate #2) by Maia Aaron – Free eBooks Download


Elle Hart had three rules: 1. You only get one night, 2. No sleepovers, and 3. No staying in touch afterwards. She had followed those rules diligently—so diligently, in fact, that she had managed to keep away from anything remotely resembling a relationship. And she planned to keep it that way.
James Dolan had decided to put love and relationships on the back burner during his college years, and that meant avoiding any possibility of a ‘What are we?’ conversation. In order to do that, he made himself unavailable for anything more than a late night roll in the hay, and he was more than content with that arrangement. Sort of.
But after a fiery night together, friendship started to bloom, and the lines gradually began to blur, until Elle ended up doing the one thing she promised herself she would never do: she fell in love.
Scratch that—the two things she promised she would never do. She fell in love, and she broke James’s heart.
Now, eight years later, she’s back in town, her best friend is happily married to his best friend, and there’s nothing they can do to keep their lives from intertwining again. So, James proposes a deal: friends. And Elle, wanting nothing more than for them to put the past behind them, happily agrees. Because surely, after a messy breakup and eight years of barely any contact, there’s no way that spark—that wild, electric, beautiful spark that blew up their lives once upon a time—could still exist between them.


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