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Forever Taboo (Vampire Brides) by Nichole Chase – Free eBooks Download


In Ireland, where female witches have been hunted to near extinction, she’s a rare jewel that glows like the moon. He’s a vampire, blood thirsty and not ashamed of it. When he sees a woman being abducted by two burly men, he can’t quite keep himself from trying to step in to help. Too bad Willow didn’t really need his help and instead he ends up in her not so gentle care.
Witches and Vampires aren’t supposed to mix. It makes them too big of a target… too much of a threat. Especially when there are so few female witches in Ireland to continue their species. The last thing Cavan wants is to be attracted to the tiny, red headed woman, but his traitorous heart won’t stop beating every time she’s near… A heart that hasn’t beat in four hundred years; a heart that would only begin to beat again once he found his true mate.
If he pursues feisty Willow he will be breaking every taboo there is among their species.

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