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forever mine, susan liberty

Forever Mine (Sinners #3) by Susan Liberty – Free eBooks Download


I was a selfish Sinner. I was all over partying hard and living for the brotherhood. A woman and kid weren’t in the cards for me. I vowed never to swallow the poison pill—love. Subconsciously, I devoured it as soon as I laid my eyes upon a gorgeous violet-eyed, dark-haired beauty—Jewel.

I knew Jewel was different from the other sweet butts. She was too intelligent, too polished, and too beautiful. But, I didn’t ask questions, and I didn’t claim her as mine. Bumping uglies was good enough for me. It was all sh*ts and giggles until everything went south—a positive pregnancy test. I lost my f*ing mind. I became a biker Jewel feared. My actions, or rather inactions, rained hell down on us both. I broke the Sinners’ code: above all, Sinners love and protect our women and children. I paid the ultimate price—a dead son. Jewel left Pony, and I slid further into the flames of guilt and grief. Now, twenty-one months later, Jewel has returned to Pony, toting a beautiful baby, our second child. It’s time to step up, get sober, and be the man Jewel needs me to be—a Sinner who loves and protects his family. There isn’t an option; I need to claim them and make them mine. My next move and how I’m going to make amends for all my wrongs is a mystery. I need a plan!

Parents will tell their children the boogieman doesn’t exist. He’s a figment of their imagination. I know the boogieman is real. I met him twice. He’s a living, breathing, human monster who sent me running into the arms of the Sinners. One look, and I fell hard for Joker. He’s funny and the most delicious eye candy—a muscled, tatted, tall, blue-eyed blond biker. Clue in, ladies, a girl can love someone and not want a relationship with them. Multiple broken bones and numerous scars will teach a girl that darn quick. So, when I turned up pregnant, I was more surprised than Joker. He didn’t claim us, and that’s cool with me. Though I love Joker, I don’t need him. I have more money than a hundred people can spend in a lifetime. Joker learned my real identity and history after my attacker killed our son. The following events are like looking through an unfocused lens. My best friend, Cookie, told me Joker saved me when I had no desire to be saved. It’s been two years since Finlan’s death. Richard Briggs is locked up for life. I’ve returned to Pony to make a life for Jackie and me. Now, seeing Joker is a dagger to my heart. He appears unwell. I can’t save him; he wants nothing to do with Jackie or me. The best I can do is stay out of his way.

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