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forever mine, annie charme

Forever Mine (The Temptation #2) by Annie Charme – Free eBooks Download


She’s mine. She’s always been mine, married or not.

When my girl, Steph, walked into my place of work one autumn day last year, I thought fate had given us a second chance, until I saw the ring on her finger.
Nothing stops me from getting what I want, least of all a piece of jewellery. But my desperate need for her is my undoing.
I’ve always been a selfish A-hole with a capital A, and that’s never gonna change.
She’s always been a selfless soul and would forgive me for anything.
But she may not be so forgiving this time.
I’ve pushed away the one woman I love above all else and the one woman who loved me unconditionally.
Seeing her again, I want to rip her clothes off, but the only thing that’s off is our timing, as usual.
As things go from bad to worse, can I win back her heart, or is our relationship forever in the past?

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