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Forever Knight (Wicked Rogues #1) by E.F. Rose – Free eBooks Download


Abby… She’s everything I want, everything I crave, yet can’t have. Because, just like this new family I’ve found myself surrounded by, her presence in my life is only temporary. After all, nobody knows who I really am. What I’m running from. But I know my past will eventually catch up with me. When it does, I don’t want my new family, or the woman I want more than my last breath, to be caught in the crosshairs.
But will I be able to give them up to save their lives?

Tristan… From the first time I saw him, I wanted him. But I get the sneaking suspicion he’s hiding something. No matter how much I want to get closer to him, it’s proving to be a bigger obstacle than I thought. I don’t want to give up, though. Life hasn’t always been easy for me, but with my family by my side, I’ve learned to not be afraid to go after what I want.
When I finally break through his defenses, will he return my affection? Or will he continue to keep me at arm’s length?
Welcome to the Wicked Rogues…
Where the President’s word is law…
And family means everything.

Trigger Warning:
There is a brief mention of attempted, nonconsensual, sexual advances, as well as attempted kidnapping…both of which are stopped before it goes too far.

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