Forever in My Heart by Ceci Giltenan (ePUB)

forever in heart, ceci giltenan

Forever in My Heart (The Pocket Watch Chronicles) by Ceci Giltenan – Free eBooks Download


As a struggling mother of two, wed to an abusive man, Mary Campbell knows better than to expect a Christmas miracle. Victorian Glasgow might glitter with snow-frosted lanterns, while festively decorated shops tempt patrons with holiday delights, but such merriment isn’t a part of her world where even mince pies and puddings are out of reach. However, astonishing things can occur when an immortal angel named Gertrude intervenes with her magical pocket watch.

A true holiday wonder happens in the nick of time. Mary’s husband changes into a kind and loving man who soon wins her heart—a hero, his soul sent from more than a hundred years in the future. But even as love and passion ignites, there are realities of using the pocket watch that can’t be ignored.

Dr. Gerald Rose, a modern-day New York psychiatrist, is no stranger to Gertrude and her pocket watch. He’s often called upon to assist newly-arrived or returning time travelers. Unfortunately, Gertrude’s latest request interferes with his plans to wine and dine a famous actress. He even has tickets to a hit Broadway show. Gerald urges his old friend Gertrude to enlist the help of someone else, but she remains insistent, leaving him little choice. And really, who can say no to an angel?

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