Foresworn Oath by Ellie Lukas (ePUB)

foresworn oath, ellie lukas

Foresworn Oath (A Bad Boy Anthology Story #4) by Ellie Lukas – Free eBooks Download


Blood in. Blood out.
When you’re part of a Motorcycle Club, leaving isn’t an option. You’re either a brother, or a body.
And me?
I was born and bred to be a king in this world. Trained at the hands of my sadistic father, my future’s already been forged in blood and pain.
But this life is a hard one. Too hard for a soft girl like Trinity.
I should leave her alone. Push her away. But in a life filled with darkness, Trinity’s my reason for living. My hope for forever.
We dream of leaving, but our attempt ends in disaster; leaving us at the mercy of the club president.

And he’s not a merciful man.
Now there’s only one choice left. One way for me to keep her safe and mine. And I have to take it, even if she’ll hate me for it.
Even if I need to burn everything to the ground…
Now is the time to stand up and claim my legacy once and for all.
Oathsworn for Eternity.

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