Forced to Marry the Alpha by Lyra Atlas (ePUB)

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Forced to Marry the Alpha (Sparkle Hollow Wolves #3) by Lyra Atlas – Free eBooks Download


The Alpha kidnapped me and marked me as his mate. Will he knock me up next?
He’s the enemy Alpha, and much older than me.
Once he’s decided to force me into a mate bond, he wastes no time.
And before I know it, he impregnates me with his baby…

I try to escape my new prison, but to my fury, my wolf refuses to participate.
She betrays me by saying that I’m mated to someone so evil for a reason.
So now I’m at the Alpha’s mercy, waiting for his next cruel move.
And when that move comes, I have nothing to defend myself with.

He marks me physically to show everyone that I belong to him, forever.
He controls my movements to protect me against anyone who could touch me.
He alone will touch my soft, willing body.
He alone will teach me lessons.

What will the evil Alpha do when he finds out I’m pregnant?

Sparkle Hollow is a small paranormal town where wolves howl to the moon, mates chase each other through the woods, and alpha males claim their women until their bellies grow with the proof of their love…

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