Forbidden Wolf by Layla Silver (ePUB)

forbidden wolf, layla silver

Forbidden Wolf (Wolf Inn #4) by Layla Silver – Free eBooks Download


We’re not allowed to sleep together. But now we’re trapped in a cabin and a storm is coming…
He’s military trained and assigned as my protector, but it irritates the hell out of me.
I’m no damsel, and I definitely don’t need him to be my savior.
But this cabin is too small, and he is much too close…
I tried to do this alone, tried to tell the pack that I’m strong.
But they want me to tag along with my so called personal bodyguard.
He has to stick to me like glue, getting annoyingly close…
Before pulling away because he has orders.
As competitive as we are in human form, our wolves love playing together.
And slowly, my tough exterior is breaking down to show the softness beneath.
I’m vulnerable because I’m not mated, and instinctively I know the solution.
And despite the fact that we’re not supposed to be together, I wonder…
How long until my wolf begs to be taken?

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