Forbidden: Vampire Romance by Ava Frost (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Forbidden: Vampire Romance by Ava Frost – Free eBooks Download


He Wants the One Girl He Cannot Have! Their Love is Absolutely FORBIDDEN!

Candice is stuck living a life of routine. Working as a reporter she is always in search of her next big story. But what she really wants is love and a bit of excitement along the way.
David has fought to do things his way every day of his life, but now, as Vampire King he is expected to relinquish his personal freedom for the good of the Kingdom. To do this, he must choose a suitable vampire bride.

Can he do this and still remain true to himself?
Showing up to King David’s bridal search to find the story of her career, Candice has no idea she will soon become an unwilling contestant for David’s love.

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