Forbidden Trust by Rae Foxx (ePUB)

forbidden trust, rae foxx

Forbidden Trust (Silver Moon Wolf Pack #4) by Rae Foxx – Free eBooks Download


A woman trying to escape the pain of her past… a man with patience and a bit of heart.

Lucy had everything. The perfect mate. The perfect pack. The perfect career. But one car ride on the wrong night took it all away from her in a flash of truck lights. Unable to face the pain of loss, Lucy heads back home to the Silver Moon Pack, content to hide behind a fake smile.
Shifters rarely mate twice, which is why when she finds herself pursued by a tenacious male wolf she won’t even let hope enter into her mind.
Except there is a problem. This guy has gotten himself into some trouble, and it’s going to take more than some therapy to save them both.

Emmet always had a crush on the Alpha’s little sister, but when she is suddenly taken he finds himself brooding along with so many others. So many Silver Moons are angry over the change in leadership, and at first it feels good to let all that anger out.
But when all of that anger starts to direct itself to something dangerous, Emmet might need some help or he is going to find himself in Lucy’s office for more than just therapy.

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