Forbidden Secrets by Mia Skye (ePUB)

forbidden secrets, mia skye

Forbidden Secrets by Mia Skye – Free eBooks Download


Saying my life has been difficult is an understatement.
In fact, it’s been nothing but an uphill climb ever since my dad walked out and my mother turned to drugs. I vowed to myself, long ago, that I’d never turn out like her.
That’s why, when I realize my life is starting to take a turn for the worst—yet again—I decide to pack up my belongings and start fresh.
No more drug-addicted mother.
No more lying and also drug-addicted boyfriend.
No more putting up with things I should’ve left in the past.
When I get to small town Utah, I’m excited for a new start.
I’m certainly not looking for love after the chaos and mess of my past…but somehow, it finds me.
Cruz Bennet: the man I never saw coming.
The only problem?
My ex has found me and is threatening to blow up my carefully crafted new life.
Secrets, lies, and forbidden ties…
I’m honestly not sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore.
The only truth I’m holding onto is that I refuse to go back to rock bottom—and I’ll do anything to protect my new life.

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