Forbidden Second Chance by Summer Brooks (ePUB)

forbidden second chance, summer brooks

Forbidden Second Chance (Small Town Heroes #4) by Summer Brooks – Free eBooks Download


There’s only one way to describe my brother’s best friend: Sexy.
I wasn’t supposed to see him that way, but that ship has sailed.
Let me simplify my rather complicated life:
As per my father’s will, my brother and I are splitting the house that he is hell bent on selling… to Julian.
AKA his best friend that I can’t stop fantasizing about.
My brother would do anything to keep me from dating him.
Selling the house is unacceptable to me.
And buying it is unacceptable to Julian.
I hate him for wanting to take away the one thing I desperately want to keep.
But I also love him for making me feel every bit special as he caresses my curves.
On top of my dilemma, Julian has a big secret brewing for me.
My brother, on the other hand, is likely cooking up some scheme to keep us apart.
So much for hoping for a happily ever after!

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