Forbidden: Part One by Emilia Emerson (ePUB)

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Forbidden: Part One (Luna & Sol Omegaverse #1) by Emilia Emerson – Free eBooks Download


What if everything forbidden to me — freedom, love, pleasure — could be mine?
Would I be brave enough to take it?
Five years ago, Josie Porter’s life was about to begin: she was going to escape her abusive family, move in with her best friend, and start college. Now, scarred from years of government torture in the Designation Academy, her dreams are long gone. Her only goal now is to survive.
With the Designation Government out to pair every omega with often brutal alpha packs, Josie has to turn to black-market suppressants to disguise her biology. But when the supply runs out, Josie can no longer run from her designation.
Cam, Ben, and Theo Ashwood had given up on their dream to find an omega, refusing to participate in the government’s oppressive policies. But when the underground anti-government Alliance asks them to help an omega in need, they can’t say no. They never expected to meet her — their fated mate.

Suddenly surrounded by alphas desperate to tend to her every need, Josie finds herself feeling things she only dreamed of as a child — love, trust… hope.

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