Forbidden Love by Elizabeth Knox (ePUB)

forbidden love, elizabeth lennox

Forbidden Love (Mackenzies #1) by Elizabeth Knox – Free eBooks Download


I left because I had to, my father was selling me off to the most dangerous man in the world like I was a prized pony. There was already so much taken from me at the hands of my father, and I would allow nothing else to be ripped from me – especially my future.
It was simple. I found a new identity. I wasn’t Caprice DiGiovanni, I was Amber, a sweet and sassy southern girl from Alabama. I ran to the last place my father would expect me to go – Ireland.
Everything was working out great for me, that is, until Sergei found me. I just never anticipated Liam Mackenzie coming to bat for me. He knew Amber, he never knew Caprice. Now he’s got us both.

From the second she walked into my bar and asked for a job I knew she was special. Something about this southern girl caught my eye. It didn’t take me very long to discover that she was hiding something, her awful accent was proof of that.
It turns out she was far rarer than I could ever imagine. When her world came crashing down around her, I was the one ready to pick her up.
It didn’t matter that she was off limits, or that she was forbidden in every sense of the word. I’d find a way to make her mine, and I did. Caprice DiGiovanni is my forbidden love.

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