Forbidden Love by D.J. Heart (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Forbidden Love (Whatever it Takes #2) by D.J. Heart – Free eBooks Download


Carter—stronger, faster and more dominant than his peers—was born to be an alpha. But nature has a cruel habit of playing tricks, because Carter isn’t just alpha material, he’s also one of the rare werewolves whose attraction is towards humans instead of other werewolves.

There’s no chance his pack would accept him if they knew.

Werewolves who want humans are broken, and no sane pack would suffer one in their midst—let alone allow one to be their alpha.
So Carter keeps his head down and focuses on his career, keeping his sexual encounters fleeting, impersonal and as far away from the pack as possible. He’s unhappy and lonely, but it’s better than risking his life with the pack.
Then he meets John. Human, carefree, and utterly magnetic, Carter can’t help but fall for the younger man. What was supposed to be a kinky one night stand turns into something more, and Carter has to make a choice.

Stay with his pack, or follow his heart…

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