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forbidden ink, ali lyda

Forbidden Ink (Get Ink’d #6) by Ali Lyda – Free eBooks Download


I’m not a deadbeat.
I didn’t know my kid existed before Milo showed up, but now that I do, I’m determined to keep my beautiful little Sofie in my life. Even if it means I need to spend time around her irritable uncle, Milo. The man pushes all of my buttons.
He riles me up until I can’t think of anything except kissing him. Definitely not the reaction he expects. He’s not out, but I’m not the type to hide. Is there any way to make it work for our new family?
Family means everything.
Eryk’s a cocky playboy. He’s not good enough to be my niece’s father, but unfortunately, DNA says otherwise. Father or not, I’m not about to walk out of little Sofie’s life.
Which means I have to walk into Eryk’s even though I can’t stand him. So why is he so hard to resist? I decided on a closeted life a long time ago. It’s the only way to stay safe and successful. Could I bring myself to step out of the closet if it means having the true love of a family?

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