Forbidden Grump by R.S. Elliot (ePUB)

forbidden grump, rs elliot

Forbidden Grump (Forbidden Fairy Tales #7) by R.S. Elliot – Free eBooks Download


Every girl has a childhood crush on her brother’s best friend, but he’s always off-limits.
That’s how the rule works; you can drool but you can never touch.
Now, I have a chance to touch.
I’ve grown into life in the big city, but my brother is begging for me to come help get Vinnie out of a slump.
After I learn that Vinnie’s wife passed a few years back, I can’t get there fast enough to support them both.

Tucked away in a lavish cabin out in the wilderness, I find myself growing closer to Vinnie, trying to help him come back and be the brilliant, if grumpy, billionaire I’ve always known him as.
But when one-night leads to something warmer than friendship, I’m terrified when I skip.
We shouldn’t be doing this.
He’s angry at the world for what’s happened to him and I don’t know if I can save him from himself, especially when I need to be worried about our child;
the one I’m carrying.

Still, I can’t pull myself away from his smile (when he shows it) or those gorgeous eyes of his.
If I can reach his heart, I can heal him.
The question is, will he let me get that close?
Or will he leave me in tears just like last time?

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