Forbidden Griffin by Zoe Chant (ePUB)

forbidden griffin, zoe chant

Forbidden Griffin (Bodyguard Shifters #8) by Zoe Chant – Free eBooks Download


He burns for his fated mate’s touch.
But touching each other would destroy them both.
Once a resident of Griffin Island, Tyr—known to humans as Terry—has been exiled to the human world, bearing a magic tattoo that prevents him from being able to reveal his true nature. In the small town of Autumn Grove, he begins to rebuild his life.
An outcast from his people, he believes he has no fated mate—until she comes to him, carrying a pair of stolen children and seeking sanctuary. He must teach her to live in the human world, and protect her from those who would seek to harm her.
But she has magic too, a cruel curse that will physically harm both of them if they touch each other. Doomed to be together yet apart, they can’t live without each other, and can’t give in to their yearning.
Their love is a ticking time bomb, and something has to give, before they both combust.

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