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Forbidden Desires Box Set by R. S. Elliot – Free eBooks Download


“Forbidden Desires” is a collection of 6 full standalone steamy romance novels. Themes included in this collection are Enemies to Lovers, Brother’s Best Friend, Age Gap, Accidental Pregnancy, Friends to Lovers and Billionaire Boss!!

Book 1: Forbidden Professor
Never fall in love with your professor…
I didn’t know he was my professor the first time I met him.
Gorgeous. Sandy brown hair, beautiful green eyes, rich as sin and hot AF.
He looked like a Greek god in Burberry and imported leather shoes.
He smelled of exotic spices, of luxurious comforts and danger.
The first thought that came to mind when I saw him…
Are men like him even legal?
It started out with an accidental kiss and now I can’t stop thinking about him.
I know he’s completely off-limits.
So why does something so wrong feel so right?
It didn’t matter that I was risking everything.
The apprenticeship, my degree, my future.
But the way he looks at me makes me want to give up everything.
So, I have a choice to make.
Do I confess my love and risk my career?
Or…. let my heart shatter to pieces?

Book 2: Forbidden Firefighter
This hot firefighter raises my heart rate… and my temper.
First, he saves me from a burning house.
Then he blames me for destroying the home that meant so much to me.
I don’t know if I should thank him… or hate him.
Turns out, it doesn’t matter.
He’s not just a tempting firefighter to me anymore.
He’s a client at the match-making firm I work at.
Which means that it’s up to me to find him the woman of his dreams.
While making sure that I keep my own distance from him.
If I fail, I lose my job.
Well, challenge accepted.
I hate him, anyway.
Or do I?

Book 3: My Forbidden Boss
My new roommate is completely off limits.
But that’s not even the real problem.
The real problem… is that he’s also my brother’s best friend.
And my new boss.
I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him through the years.
His gorgeous eyes.
That irresistible body.
How am I supposed to maintain my distance from him while we live under the same roof?
How do I keep myself from falling in love with my forbidden boss?

Book 4: Forbidden Doctor
One hot stranger.
One night of passion.
One huge problem.
I didn’t even know his name when I brought him home.
Well, now I do.
He’s none other than Adrian Price.
Oh, wait… Dr. Adrian Price.
As in my boss.
Let’s wait until my dad finds out that we’re fooling around.
That I’m sleeping with a man who is 11 years older than me.

Book 5: Forbidden Daddy
My best friend’s father saved my life.
Now, he’s going to steal my heart…
Three months ago, a sexy stranger saved me from being attacked.
Now, I’m starting college.
I never expect to see him again…
Especially not as my new best friend’s father.
It’s wrong to want a man who is twice my age.
Yet, I can’t forget the way my skin flames under his heated gaze.
I want him to be my first and only.
But having him may mean losing my best friend forever.

Book 6: Forbidden Cowboy
I’m having triplets with my hot single dad billionaire boss.
And he doesn’t know about them.
Here’s another shocker
My babies’ father is my childhood best friend.
The one I’ve had a crush on since I was eight years old.
And the one who broke my heart six years ago.
If that’s not shocking enough.
He’s also my brother’s best friend.

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