Forbidden Daddy Mate by Ruby Knoxx (ePUB)

forbidden mate, ruby knoxx

Forbidden Daddy Mate (Silver Wolves Black Ops #7) by Ruby Knoxx – Free eBooks Download


I’m locked in an isolated cabin with my best friend’s dad.
He’s twice my age, and a powerful black ops wolf.
I shouldn’t get flustered whenever he’s around because he’s more than forbidden.
But when I get stuck with him during a storm, he tests my limits until I’m close to giving in…
The plan was to go away for the weekend with all of the Silver Wolves.
But the only ones to arrive before the storm were me and my best friend’s dad.
My distracted eyes can’t help but stare at his body in the space we share.
My embarrassing thoughts stray to the things that could happen while we’re here.
He fights every intruder who wants to get close to our cabin.
And then he checks my body meticulously for minor scratches and fading bruises.
His fingers trace my curves as though he owns them.
His tongue sucks out my resistance as though nothing else matters but our fire.
Could my best friend’s dad be my fated mate?

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