Forbidden Daddy by R. S. Elliot (ePUB)

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Forbidden Daddy (Forbidden Fairy Tales #5) by R. S. Elliot – Free eBooks Download


My best friend’s father saved my life.
Now, he’s going to steal my heart…

Three months ago, a sexy stranger saved me from being attacked.
Now, I’m starting college.
I never expect to see him again…
Especially not as my new best friend’s father.
The spark of attraction and draw to him I felt then hasn’t gone away.
It’s wrong to want a man who is twice my age.
Yet, I can’t forget the way my skin flames under his heated gaze.
There’s no denying he feels it, too.
I want him to be my first and only.
But having him may mean losing my best friend forever.

The damsel in distress I rescued a year ago is just as beautiful now as she was then.
Only she isn’t just a stranger anymore.
Things are already strained between my daughter and me.
If I act on my attraction for her best friend, I may drive her away forever.
But Lucy lights a fire in me that’s been dead since my wife passed away.
A true chance at happiness again stands within reach.
And once I’ve had a taste, I want to drown in her forever.
It’s more than just forbidden.
Finding love could destroy what’s left of my family.

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