Forbidden Chance by Jean Stokes (ePUB)

forbidden chance, jean stokes

Forbidden Chance (Witmer Warriors #3) by Jean Stokes – Free eBooks Download


♥What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? A desert storm isn’t just an operation overseas anymore!♥

I’m used to being overlooked and passed by. There’s always something to keep me busy and I do my best to stay occupied. A lightning storm only needs a moment of hesitation to strike, so I keep my head down and make sure I don’t get caught off guard.
Until one otherwise uneventful day, I find myself on a ranch outside of my hometown of Witmer, owned and operated by the man I’ve had a crush on since high school: Scott Rowe. Scott and I didn’t see eye to eye when we were younger, and I have no reason to believe that time changed him as much as it changed me.
It’s just that wherever I end up, he’s already there waiting for me. Lightning doesn’t strike twice and the third time is no coincidence.

Even if Scott seems more interested in just being friends, I have to find out if he feels the storm brewing between us.

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