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Micah Townsend

Love wasn’t in the cards for me. No thanks. It only brought the worst kind of pain. I watched my father suffer the consequences of losing the love of his life when my mother died. And I wanted no parts of any of it. Therefore, I turned my heart off to it and kept it closed for well over a decade.
Then one day, Jodi Walker entered my office. She was bold, beautiful, and ready to get in the face of anyone who got in her way. And I couldn’t stay away from her.
Maybe it was the fierce, determined look in her hazel eyes or the abundance of graphic tees she wore that declared her mood at any given moment. Quite possibly, it could’ve been the perfect soft, plump lips of hers that kept my attention for minutes on end. Whatever it was, I decided to take on her case, though it wasn’t the type my private investigative firm usually took on.

Sure, the mystery around her grandfather’s death was intriguing. But it was the dogged way in which Jodi refused to back down until she had answers, that convinced me to help her. Somehow my desire to help her turned into a burning need to protect her. The bastards that went after her grandfather came after her. The only problem was, they hadn’t figured out, they’d have to go through me first.

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