For the Love of the Earl by Stacy Reid (ePUB)

love of earl, stacy reid

For the Love of the Earl (Forever Yours #9) by Stacy Reid – Free eBooks Download


Maximillian Langdon, Earl Kentwood, is the author of the ton’s most salacious erotic literature: A guide to passionate romps between a lord and his lady. His name whispers on the tongues of gentlemen and ladies in shocked and admiring tones. Everyone believes he is London’s greatest lover, except Lord Kentwood is still a virgin. Now he’s determined to rectify that situation before being revealed as a fraud, and London’s latest on dit!

With a reputation forever tarnished by scandal, Lady Amelie Weatherston is resigned to an unfulfilled life. She is also a member of a secret widow’s club. Her mission: to seduce London’s most delectable lover and report her findings to help her wicked widow friends keep their protectors happy! A passionate affair de Coeur starts and for a time banishes the loneliness in her heart. The earl of debauchery is not what he seems, and Amelie finds herself falling in love with a man who might never see her as more than a wicked widow not worthy of his heart.

Please note that this book was previously published as AN UNCONVENTIONAL AFFAIR!

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