For the Love of Hades by Freida Kilmari (ePUB)

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For the Love of Hades (A Hades and Persephone Retelling) by Freida Kilmari – Free eBooks Download


“Humans get all the freedom in the world, but we gods get nothing but the responsibility of protecting the very freedom we’d give our immortal lives for even a glimmer of.”

KORE (Persephone):
Trapped by expectations, smothered by age-old customs, tampered down by rules and laws I would never be brave enough to break. I am Kore, Goddess of Fertility and daughter of Zeus. And I’m beautifully imprisoned.
So when my lifelong, invisible friend finally reveals himself and offers me the world, will I risk it all for a breath of liberty? And what will happen to humanity’s fertility my power protects if I do?

Left to The Underworld like a villain in a bad story only my brother, Zeus, has the pen to write. But I have done well to adapt over the years, protecting humanity after death and keeping monsters like myself out of the other realms. I am painfully free yet beautifully bound.
So when the beautiful goddess I have come to call my friend invites me to Olympus for a single night, how could I refuse? She has never seen my face nor heard my name uttered, so will she still love me if I reveal who I am? OR will she abandon me like everyone else?

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